a guide to all of the bands

David Lynch isn’t just the strangest film-maker since Italian maestro Federico Fellini. Special Offer: Get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for just 99p He’s also a music-lover, releasing two pretty decent, experimental rock albums since 2011. It’s no surprise then, that he’s jam-packed Twin Peaks season 3 with as many obscure indie bands as possible. […]

Ho99o9’s guide to hardcore

The LA-based band take us through their Top Five hardcore artists, from Bad Brains to Cro-Mags 1 – Bad Brains Yeti Bones: “Bad Brains are the originators of hardcore. They made hardcore even before it was a word. It’s the fastest, loudest, most chaotic fucking band, fronted by the greatest dude ever.” 2- Onyx theOGM: […]